Dr shane

I believe from the bottom of my heart that, there is no treasure above human beauty and health. The key valve of this treasure is the beauty of your skin.So, watch out for the most expensive treasure that God has given you.With our products, you can reach the peak of the beauty and health of your skin and take care of it for the rest of your life.

About Us

Dr Shane Cosmetics is a Somehow BrandNew Cosmetic and SkinCare Company which was starting to Produce it's skincare Products for about 30 Years Ago (1989).
With our Roots in Medical Sciences ,Ancient Medicine, Pharmacological Benefits of Natural and Herbal Products, We did Research So Deeply to Achieve the Best Responses of Our Prescribed Cosmetic Products.
SO, With the Blend of Herbal Oils and Natural Products Into the Most Precious ,efficient and useful Chemical Derivatives we Achieved to a Fabulous and Magnificent end Products.
These Products were Tested and Followed up for More Than 30 years By Cosmetic Medical Doctors and Dermatologists.
As a New and Rapid Growth Skin Care Production Brand , we will struggle so hard To Create Products for a better and Good Looking World Through Limitless Beauty Innovations for limitless Skin Health and Beauty.


By using a new and uniqe method for the first time we could offer you a pioneer way to choose the best and accurate product that suited for you.
So,this means you have 2 ways for choosing the best for yourself:
you could select the product by yourself and straight forward.
you email and send us your picture of the affected area and let me and my clinicians and pharmacist choose the best one for you. Then, with reply to your email we offer the best suggestion for you.
This process may take 1-3 business day because of our over load and it’s totally free for your’s.
So be our guest and let’s choose your products right away.

Dr Shane


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